Saturday, March 20, 2010

Falling at His feet

Lately I have found myself feeling the need to run to the feet of my Lord on an almost constant basis.  It's a funny thing you see.....   Raising a houseful of children for His glory is certainly a blessing, but my the challenges that are faced on a daily basis!  Its seems that for the past several weeks there has been constant bickering, a lot of disobedience, and just a general unruliness around here.  I was mulling over some of the problems I've been having with my small army lately and the Lord made me see something....something that was a real eye opener.  The problem isn't the children.  One large part of the problem is sin.  After all, we are ALL born with the sin nature, why should we think our children are any different?  The second part of the problem is ME.  Yes, ME!

Let's take a look at the sin nature, shall we?  Oh there is so much to say!  As I said, we are all born with it.  But even after being gloriously and wondrously saved, don't we all still fall short?  How often do we find ourselves crying out for mercy for the SAME OLD THING!  Certainly I'm not alone in this...?  So what of our children who have no sought salvation in Jesus Christ?  Can we really expect them to "get it" the first time, and not repeat an offense?  Is that fair?  And more importantly, is that how the Lord treats us?  I think not.  We must show them the same grace and mercy that our precious Lord continues to show us, over and over again.  Does that mean we don't remind them and discuss their sinful behavior?  Of course not...but it must be done with grace.

Now, let's talk about me. we have to?  Okay.....More often than not my expectations are too high and my patience too short.  And let's not even mention the times I've been lazy and not diligent in training the children.  Face it....diligently teaching, training, reminding, disciplining etc. a houseful of children is hard work!  It takes so much dying to self that the thought makes my head spin.  Children aren't born quoting scripture, they must be taught the scriptures, led to the scriptures and to the Lord!  If I'm not taking the time to point them to the bread of life and training them with God's holy word, then I am a big part of the problem.  They need a reason why what they are doing/saying is wrong....not just a "because Mom said so".  That won't cut it.  If all scripture is profitable for reproof and correction, then they must be led to scripture if we ever want to see that heart change come about.  Will it still take time?  Absolutely....but at least we will know that we are doing our part.

So, today I have fallen at His feet again, seeking grace and mercy.  I must run to His mercy seat, to His throne room.  That way I can stay focused on His ways, and His word.  That way I can be sure that I have remembered these children belong to Him and in the long run I am powerless to change their hearts without His help.  I need His direction....every day.  Therefore I will continue to fall at His feet and cry out for more of Him, so that I can be more to them.....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A peek at new life

I finally made it in to the doctor to have my first appointment of this pregnancy. You know the routine ladies, right? They give you a cup to...well you know : ). Then they lead you to the room, take the vitals, and leave after handing you a very immodest gown and asking you to get completely undressed. I absolutely dread that part of the first visit. However, I was looking forward to the sonogram I knew I would be getting. I wanted to see that everything was okay and going as expected.

After the humiliating exam (ick...did I mention I don't like that part?) my doctor says "okay...lets take a look on ultrasound". When you've had as many little ones as I have, you've probably had a lot of ultrasounds. You pretty much know what to expect and what to look for. As I expected, everything looked just the way a growing baby should look at this point in my pregnancy. What I am NEVER prepared for is how incredibly wonderful and amazing it is to SEE that new little life that God created....with the tiny limbs and beating heart. Even with my 8th baby, I found myself staring in awe at what the Lord has done, and is still doing, with the new life growing inside of me. Tears sprang to my eyes as I watched the screen and looked on in wonder of what the Lord had planned for this tiny new life. It is amazing to think that the Lord already knows everything about this new person He has created....the number of hairs on his/her head, and the number of times that heart will beat. What an awesome creator we serve.